Sunday, February 15, 2015

Isometric plumbing sketch

Isometric sketching

An isometric sketch is a two dimensional drawing that creates the illusion of three dimensions using angular lines. This is the preferred drawing method for plumbers as it shows the most information about the piping layout.

Although an isometric drawing is the most complex to draw, it has definite advantages; such as showing both horizontal and vertical piping on a single drawing. Making an isometric sketch is accomplished by imagining yourself at the lowest point(downstream) in a plumbing system and drawing it as you would see it; if it was laid out from lower left to upper right.

When drawing on paper, an angle of 30 degrees(or increments there of) is used to illustrate pipes running horizontally and vertical pipes are drawn straight up and down. The one problem with an isometric sketch arises when pipes are on angles other than horizontal or vertical; such as 45 degree fittings. These "odd" angles are drawn as they would appear using 60 degree angles. When trying to draw circles in isometric drawings you will have to use an ellipse. A simple drawing tool called a triangle with the angles 30-60-90 will help you keep your drawing in the proper perspective. You can also purchase isometric graph paper or use printable graph paper. #Isometric #blueprint #sketch #plumbing #contractor #plumbingengineer


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